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Staying Grounded – Exposing Garage Remodeling Myths

It’s easy to dream about owning a beautiful garage.  Maybe you have always wanted an awesome man-cave where you can display your favorite sports collections.  Or possibly you love gardening and crave a Pinterest-worthy gardening bench.  Regardless of your passion, we guarantee there’s space available in your garage to make your dreams come alive. The […]

Garage Floors, Cabinets, Slot Wall & Overhead Racks in Flemington New Jersey

When you combine most of the products that we have to offer Garage Floors, Cabinets, Slot Wall & Overhead Racks the garage not only turns out to be spectacular but it ends up being organized and useful as well.  This garage in Flemington New Jersey did all of this and it sure turned our great!

Pure job in Flemington NJ

We did a garage floor in Flemington New Jersey last week.  Some jobs require that there is no smell coming off the floor while it is drying.  For this we use a product called “Pure”.  It doesn’t have any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in it so there is no smell.  It is still our polyaspartics […]

Garage Floors and Cabinets in Martinsville New Jersey

In Martinsville, New Jersey we installed a polyaspartic garage floor in 1/4″ Brown trout.  The cabinets in earthstone powder coating were also fantastic.  This turned out to be a great job!!  

Warren NJ, Garage/Shed

This is our third job in Warren New Jersey this week. Not only did we install flooring in this homeowners attached two car garage but we also installed our Rainbow trout finish to his detached 1,000 square foot garage.  

Farmingdale, New Jersey

It’s a family affair in Farmingdale NJ! This is the sister in law’s house of a customer we did a few weeks back. A two car garage in a newly constructed home best of luck and congratulations to the homeowner on her beautiful new house and stunning garage!

Cabinets galore down at the Jersey Shore!!!!

Barnegat, NJ.  This was a special project!  That’s right “Cabinets galore down at the Jersey Shore!!!!”  Barnegat is one of those quaint little towns towns that the Jersey Shore is famous for.  Our home owners wanted to rediscover their garage with platinum powder coated cabinets,grey slotwall, overhead storage rack, and strong rack shelving.  When it […]

Garage Floor and Cabinets in Hillsboro, NJ

This was a wonderful project in Hillsborough, New Jersey.  Since the owner of the Global Garage of Central New Jersey franchise lives in Hillsborough he is able to show it off right in his own back yard!!  Come let us help you rediscover your garage.            

Scottish Blue Trout in Millstone Township

Scottish Blue Trout may sound a bit strange to most of us but it’s a real fish that lives in Scotland and it’s what we named our garage floors that have some blue in them.  This is an absolutely beautiful floor and our customer loved his Rediscovered Garage.

Corvette, Hillsborough, New Jersey Garage

This home owner needed a garage makeover to house his corvettes!!  As you can see we patched the cracks and then the floor turned out great.  A great “Garage Rediscovery” for a great home owner.