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German Brown Trout, Quartz and Seaworld

San Antonio, Tx- Rediscovering your garage has long been a “thing” here in SA, and this week was no different. However, we’re not just focused on garage floors, we also helped a lovely lady rediscover her patio this week The week began in a very nice neighborhood on the west side, slightly past Sea World. […]

German Brown Trout Garage Floors in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Tx- Another fun and event filled week here in San Antonio. The heat is smoldering, but that just gives us more chances, and excuses, to kick on back in a pool and grab a couple cold ones while listening to the finest country music Texas has to offer. This week we did a bit of that, […]

Spurs Fans Get a New Garage Floor at Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake, San Antonio, TX- We did a garage floor out in a subdivision right on the south/western side of Canyon Lake, you could see the water from our customers house, it was beautiful. Canyon Lake is one of the few lakes in central Texas that is very near full if not full. It’s a sprawling lake, nestled […]