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Staying Grounded – Exposing Garage Remodeling Myths

It’s easy to dream about owning a beautiful garage.  Maybe you have always wanted an awesome man-cave where you can display your favorite sports collections.  Or possibly you love gardening and crave a Pinterest-worthy gardening bench.  Regardless of your passion, we guarantee there’s space available in your garage to make your dreams come alive. The […]

Deck Your Garage with Seasonal Storage

Fall is in the air, kids are back in school and your life is beyond busy again.  The last thing you have time for is dealing with the crisis looming in your garage.  Yet there it is…  Summer gear is still hanging out, waiting to be told the party is over.  Seasonal decorations are buried […]

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage from Garage Remodeling Experts

Some people make the mistake of disconnecting their garage from their vision of a “dream home,” and it doesn’t have to be this way! Global Garage remodeling experts truly believe that the garage is the best part of the home, and that ignoring its potential for fun, style flair, and storage is a huge mistake! […]

The 9 Steps of Successful Franchise Research

The 9 Steps of Successful Franchise Research I talk to a lot of people who know that they want to go into business for themselves.  They know that they want a franchise but, they don’t know which one.  So how do you go about researching a franchise to find out which one is right for […]

When looking at a Franchise look at the 3 P’s: People, Purpose & Product

Franchising 3 Ps. When looking at a Franchise look at the three P’s:  People, Purpose & Product I was on the phone this morning with a vendor and they said that they do business based on the PPP principal.  People, Purpose & Product come into her decision making structure in that order. These three dimensions […]


Inlays   Inlays are a very special part our work.  Since we are concrete nerds we get really excited about fancy little projects and details.  An Inlay actually goes under the flooring and can be seen up thru it.  Since the Polyaspartic finishes that we put on floors are water clear it has the effect […]

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics I get asked all the time “why are Polyaspartics better than Epoxy for Garage floors.”  The simple answer is that they are 3 times Harder than Epoxy, have 3 times the Chemical Resistance and the garage can be done in one day.  But, let’s talk more about what this means and how […]

Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee

Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee We have a new franchisee at Global Garage and it is an exciting time for both us and him.  He is leaving a Senior VP level job with a large company.  After 20 years of the grind he is ready to get out from behind a […]