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Garage Storage Binge!

Spring is right around the corner and our customers are on a garage storage binge!  These homeowners in Ringoes, NJ found it was the perfect season to reinvent their garage with flooring and storage expertise from the certified experts at Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey.

Custom Garage Tips: 3 Things to Consider When Expanding Your Garage

custom garage tips

Whether you are looking to stretch out your living room or construct a custom garage addition, home renovations are always exciting! Custom garage expansion projects are particularly fun, since they usually mean you are making more room in your life for your favorite things. A bigger garage might mean more space for passion projects, or […]

Garage Organization Tips to Maximize Your Work Space

garage organization tips

Like any part of the home, the garage is a room we all wish were just a bit bigger. It doesn’t matter how big your garage already is, we could always use a little more room to house our hobby stuff, sports gear, gardening equipment, and prized cars. With a little help from Global Garage’s […]

3 Reasons a Storage Franchise is Always in Demand

garage storage franchise

Though the Global Garage brand is known primarily for its durable concrete floor coatings, we are also a storage franchise. We have helped homeowners across America build the perfect storage system to accommodate their unique tastes and day-to-day needs.

4 Things to Consider when Designing Your Garage Organization Plan

4 Things to Consider when Designing Your Garage Organization Plan

Global Garage flooring, storage, and garage organization experts have seen pretty much everything when it comes to garages. Because helping home owners reclaim their garage space is our goal, there is perhaps nothing more tragic in this industry then arriving on scene to see a garage space that has been reduced to garbage dump. Garage […]