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Completely Floored – Pinckney, MI

We certainly can’t control the weather, especially in Michigan where they see a lot of it. When it comes to your garage floor, seasonal changes will really cause damage if you leave it unprotected. The owners of this lakefront home in Pinckney were fed up with their failing epoxy floor and chose Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan to help them find a solution.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants with Global Garage

stand on sholders

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a term used often in the academic and scientific community. It is a way of staying humble, used by innovators and world-changing inventors of tools, epiphanies, and equations who cannot claim all of the credit for their success in good conscience. When you say you are standing on […]

2 Reasons You Need to Protect your Concrete Sooner Rather Than Later

protect your concrete

If you have just moved into your dream home and opened the garage door to find barren concrete staring back at you, it is in your best interest to invest in a protective topical sealer as soon as you can. Doing so now makes the most sense, since the majority of your belongings have yet […]

3 Reasons Your Franchise Needs Our Patented Polyaspartic Blend

patented Polyaspartic blend

  Thousands of American entrepreneurial minds have begun eyeing the different garage flooring franchise opportunities out there, and for good reason. The market is booming, with progress that is unflinching even in the face of a mercurial realty market. Whether people are looking to settle or sell their home, the demand for garage makeovers is […]


Inlays   Inlays are a very special part our work.  Since we are concrete nerds we get really excited about fancy little projects and details.  An Inlay actually goes under the flooring and can be seen up thru it.  Since the Polyaspartic finishes that we put on floors are water clear it has the effect […]

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics I get asked all the time “why are Polyaspartics better than Epoxy for Garage floors.”  The simple answer is that they are 3 times Harder than Epoxy, have 3 times the Chemical Resistance and the garage can be done in one day.  But, let’s talk more about what this means and how […]

Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee

Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee We have a new franchisee at Global Garage and it is an exciting time for both us and him.  He is leaving a Senior VP level job with a large company.  After 20 years of the grind he is ready to get out from behind a […]

National Concrete Canoe Competition

Every year the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) sponsors the National Concrete Canoe Competition.  To a bunch of concrete nerds like us this sounds like fun. The races were started by engineering students in the 1960’s.  They did it to learn practical information about working with concrete and how to use it in an […]