The ABC’s of Garage Storage – Hillsborough, NJ

Fall is a busy season in the garage industry.  Families are transitioning back to school and sports, summer toys are getting packed away until next year, and the holidays are just around the corner.  This means a lot of homeowners are looking for ways to solve their garage storage crises.  “Every year at this time I get inundated with requests for garage cabinets, storage options and organization ideas” says Michael Iannuccilli of Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey.  “I just installed a horizontal double bike rack which is really cool.”

With Michael’s help, we’ve compiled a list of garage storage recommended “must-haves” that we guarantee will bring organization to your home and simplify your busy lifestyle.


Overhead Racks

Overhead racks hang from the ceiling and are perfect for long term and seasonal storage.  They keep all the storage bins off the floor and out of view, leaving a clean and organized appearance to your garage interior.  For safety issues, it’s important to make sure these racks are properly installed by a certified professional from Global Garage Flooring & Design.



Climb the walls with Slotwall, our vertical storage solution.  Slotwall covers your walls with a unique hanging system and comes in the perfect colors to match your garage cabinets and floors.  Personalize your space with a huge variety of fixtures that customize your storage requirements.  Add shelving and wire racks to accommodate different sized equipment.  Have fun and create themes to your storage!  Sporting equipment, tools, gardening supplies, everything looks great when it is grouped together and organized.


Tire Racks

Tire racks hang in your garage and perfectly house your off-season tires.  Most importantly, they free up precious floor space and get your spare tires off the floor and out of your way.

Bike Racks

Bicycles can be a real space hog in your garage, especially if you have a large family.  There are several different styles ranging from inexpensive wall hooks to more elaborate ceiling mount options.  Our team at Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey will help you choose the right bike rack for your space and budget and make sure the unit is installed safely and correctly.



Global Garage cabinets are tailored to fit your garage and storage needs.  Stylish, durable and spacious, these cabinets maximize your storage and workspace options.  Available in popular colors and sleek finishes, these cabinets bring a finished look to your garage interior.

Of course, we always recommend beginning any garage remodel with a new garage floor.  Global Garage floor coatings provide a clean, durable and beautiful finish to your garage interior.  Our installation experts at Global Garage will walk you through the process, answer all your questions and make your garage remodel as painless as possible.  Now is the perfect time to get yourself organized, contact Global Garage for a free estimate today.