These Chips Don’t Lie

Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin has been hustling to keep up with a huge demand from customers that want Polyaspartic Chip floors installed in their garages.  Why has such a sudden craving for garage transformation swept over Texas?  Probably because people are tired of their dirty concrete floors and have fallen in love with the look and feel of our concrete coatings.  We’re featuring a few gorgeous garage interiors that Global Garage of Austin recently installed with Polyaspartic Chips.  Our professionally installed polyaspartic floors are the best, these chips don’t lie!


Sparkling rich earth tones predominate this chip floor we call Dark Earth Tone Sparkle.  These decorative aggregates are available in multiple sizes and a variety of colors, making it simple to tailor the color palette for each customer.  Global Garage of Austin has added a clear coat finish to the entry apron of the garage, providing a clean and shiny protective coat and the perfect finishing touch.




Soothing Coho colored chip invigorated this dirty and drab concrete.  After repairing all cracks and prepping the untreated concrete with our diamond grind process, we applied the Polyaspartic resin matrix system that holds the colored chips.  The fast turnaround of our concrete coatings means we can have your garage interior complete in only one day!

scottish-blue-chip-floorwarehouse floor


Our Scottish Blue Trout colored chips completely transformed this 2,200 sq. ft. garage interior.  Our seamless flooring provides non-porous protection and easy maintenance and is perfect for large warehouses and showrooms.


Finally, Harley Chrome colored chips add a touch of pizazz to this pristine new garage interior.  The trifecta of a beautiful floor coating, fresh paint and organized garage storage will absolutely create a stunning addition to any home.  Our customers are consistently amazed how clean, comfortable and livable they find their garage after a Global Garage makeover.



Don’t let yourself get left behind from the latest home interior movement, contact Global Garage of Austin and schedule your garage remodel today.