This Garage is packed with Style! – Alpine, NJ

Today we’re stopping by Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey to see what’s new in the world of stylish garages.

We found Global Garage at this fantastic home in the popular New York suburb of Alpine, NJ.  The homeowners wanted to update the look of their 1,200 ft. garage interior and create a room that was as clean and organized as the rest of their home.  They turned to the experts at Global Garage of Central New Jersey to help them accomplish just that and together they worked to choose the exact right combination of colors for the flooring, cabinets and Slotwall®.  Once the design was finalized, Michael Iannuccilli and his crew got right to work installing the sophisticated new garage interior.

Every garage installation begins with meticulous prep work.  The entire garage is emptied and the crew begins diamond grinding the existing concrete.  This process removes surface stains and imperfections and prepares the surface for the concrete coating.  All cracks and problem are are repaired during this important first step.


Next comes the concrete coatings.  This garage flooring look was achieved with ¼” Scottish Blue Chips inlaid with a high gloss Polyaspartic top coat.  The concrete coatings protect the cement floor from cracks, stains and spills and they look and feel amazing.  Customers always comment how clean and finished their garages feel after the flooring is installed.

After the floors are perfected we go to work installing the storage solutions.  This spacious garage has plenty of wall space that Global Garage maximized with Slotwall® vertical storage.  The Slotwall® system is loaded with every hook, hanger, shelf and basket you can imagine to help you organize and store your tools and equipment and keep your garage neat and tidy.


Finally the cabinets are assembled and installed by our team of professionals.  This customer chose Redline Garage Gear® powder coated cabinets in Royal Blue with Silver Vein siding.  Not only are these cabinets beautiful, they are also loaded with storage space and can be customized for your individual tastes and space requirements.


The Global Garage trifecta of flooring, Slotwall® and cabinets creates a sleek and stylish garage that is guaranteed to wow your friends and neighbors.  Right now is the perfect time to reinvent your garage, contact us for a free quote today.