Treat your Garage Right – Austin, TX

Do you know what it means to treat your garage right?  Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin takes a closer look at your actual relationship with one of the largest rooms in your home.

You love your home, right?  You take great care of it, keep it clean and well maintained and in return it’s always there for you.  Your relationship is really a win-win, except…you can’t help thinking it could be something more for you.  More floor space would be nice, an extra play room for the kids and their friends would be great.  Organized storage would be fantastic. These thoughts pop up and you quickly squelch them.  Who wants the hassle? Who has the time for another remodel project?  What about the expense?  It’s really good enough, better than average actually.  If it’s not broken, then why fix it?   

These thoughts are common and we hear them all the time at Global Garage Flooring & Design.  That’s why we offer the perfect makeover solution that’s completely affordable and takes less than a week to accomplish, the garage makeover!  Imagine having a garage that is so clean and well organized that it becomes another living space in your home that you won’t want to leave.  It’s really not as impossible as you might think.

The Global Garage Experience

Global Garage technicians build your garage from the ground up, starting with the floor.  Most garages are built on an untreated, concrete slab that collects dirt and stains and creates a coating of dust that can’t be controlled.  Over time this concrete becomes cracked, pitted and reveals your home’s age.  Our process begins with grinding the concrete and repairing any cracks and imperfections in the concrete surface.  After working with the homeowner to design the right texture and color, we apply our Global Garage Concrete Coatings and seal the floor with a durable and shiny Polyaspartic top coat.  Global Garage coatings create a gorgeous floor that protect and add a sleek look and feel to your garage interior.  Now for the really good news, these concrete coatings eliminate the prolific concrete dust that the untreated concrete produced!  Your garage interior suddenly feels clean and the flooring feels smooth and looks shiny. 

Now that the dirty work is done and your garage is becoming an actual room in your home, it’s time to organize your stuff and add some fun.  Global Garage Storage Systems capitalize on the vertical storage spaces in your garage.  Our Slotwall, available in several colors, utilizes the walls and offers a huge variety of hooks and bins that can hang almost anything.  Overhead racks are perfect for storing items that don’t get used very often.  Our Global Garage custom cabinets come in colors and styles that bring the whole room together and provide maximum storage.  Your garage will become a useable room in your home you and find yourself spending a whole lot more time there. 

Don’t hesitate to treat your garage right and fall in love with your home again.  Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin and get your garage makeover started!

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