Trending Now – Garage Makeovers in Austin, TX

Garage makeovers are the hottest trend in the Austin home market.

It’s sad to think that most houses are built with “bare bones” garage interiors. Our team at Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin sees a lot of these garages, unfinished materials and lack of storage seem to be commonplace.  With most garages averaging between 500 to 1,000 square feet, we think that’s a lot of your home that is underutilized.   By installing a few simple upgrades, Global Garage of Austin can transform your garage into an active and useful room in your home.

What We’ll Do:

Our designers at Global Garage of Austin work with you to customize the look and feel of your garage.  Working from the ground up, we begin with the repair of your existing garage floor in preparation for the installation of our top of the line garage floor coatings.  Available in a variety of colors and materials, Global Garage Floor Coatings will match the look of your home interior.  Garage flooring usually gets installed in just one day and after the floors are complete, we return to install your garage storage systems.  Global Garage cabinets are customized to fit your space and are large enough to fit all your stuff.  We maximize vertical storage with Slotwall® which is a fantastic garage storage solution for hanging tools and equipment.

What You’ll Do:

This is one thing we know, once we finish with your garage you’ll never want to leave it!  Our garage storage systems and garage floor coatings will leave your garage interior extremely organized, clean and livable with extra room to spare.  All of our finishes are easy to clean and resist changes in temperature, liquids and spills.  These are some of our favorite ways our customers have used their finished garages:

Play Area:  Families with small children use this space as a “rainy day play room”.  With all the sharp and dangerous tools and chemicals safely stored away and organized, the space suddenly becomes an extra playground for kids to burn their energy when they can’t go outside.

Hobby Room:  No longer just a man cave, this clean and organized space is the perfect hobby room or garden shed.  Not to worry though, with all the space you just created you’ll have plenty of room for “his” and “hers” activities and interests.

Home Business:  This extra space is often just right for your cottage industry.  Work out of your home and skip the commute, allow us to install our upgrades and we will easily make that possible.

Home Gym:  This area can be customized with all your favorite work out equipment.  Just add lighting and a great sound system and you can charge your friends a membership!

Are you thinking about your current garage and wondering how it can be transformed?  The solution sounds simple because it is!  Think outside the box and contact the professionals at Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin to request and free estimate today.