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Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC

I had an excellent trip yesterday to the great country of Canada.  We met with Dwight Genge who is the Global Garage Flooring and Design© distributor for British Columbia.

We met him at a fantastic restaurant along with his son.  After lunch we went out to a job site where he was doing a 400 square foot garage for a “nonagenarian” that’s someone between the age of 90 and 99.  At the young age of 90 his client needs to be careful of falling after getting out of his car when it is wet and slippery.  Dwight showed his client a little extra care by making the texture of the floor just a little rougher than usual so that his feet won’t slip out from under him when it is wet, cold and snowy as can often happen in Vancouver.

Dwight’s work was also a real joy to watch.  At Global Garage we say that it is not only important what your work looks like but how you work is important as well.  He worked as efficiently as I have ever seen someone work on a concrete floor.  He was fast and very professional.  Knows his products and the solutions we have to offer for concrete coatings.  It was a good job and I am excited to come home and write about it.

While in Vancouver we also met with a gentleman who is interested in having a franchise in the country of Iraq.  Peace is slowly starting to settle into that country and there are now some areas where economic resurgence is coming around as well.  We look forward to being a part of that progress.

Lance Jensen

Global Garage, CEO




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