Why Custom Cabinets Makes the Best Garage Cabinets

Why Custom Cabinets Makes the Best Garage Cabinets


Garage cabinets are, quite frankly, the preferred choice for home owners looking to maximize their storage space, organization, and the security of their belongings. We at the Global Garage team have helped outfit home owners with some of the best garage cabinets available. We have developed an excellent relationship with our cabinet manufacturer and offer an unprecedented 250+ different cabinet choices and finishes. Perhaps better than our incredibly diverse cabinet selection is our cabinet installation process, which puts a primacy on providing customized, tailor-made solutions to match the home owner’s unique personality and spatial needs. Read on to learn why Global Garage’s custom cabinets make the best garage cabinets, and how they help you maximize the storage, security, and organizational benefits that garage cabinets give.


Maximize your storage space with custom-fit cabinets.


Take advantage of vertical storage space that you had previously been wasting with our incredible custom cabinet installation process. The skyscraper was the shared vision of some of the most gifted city-planners in the world, and helped pack enormous populations into relatively small strips of land. Similarly, by taking advantage of vertical storage space, you can fit an incredible amount of tools, materials, and fun hobby gear into a cozy garage space.

When you choose our custom cabinetry installation process, you get exactly what you want. We send our garage planning and organization experts to your home to make measurements and get the right feel for what you need. Tell us your plans to store your hobby gear and we will lay out custom-designed cabinetry, slat wall options, and other storage solutions to use every inch of space. By opting for custom-designed cabinets, you don’t risk wasting space. This saves you valuable square footage that is eaten up when factory-assembled units eat up inches corners or when something fits slightly askew.


Maximize your security with custom-made cabinetry.


Depending on your unique storage needs, you can choose from a wide range of security options including locks or high-mounted cabinets out of reach of children. This means that you can store virtually anything in your garage without worrying about the ease-of-access of a traditional cardboard box or plastic container storage option.


Maximize your organization with custom cabinets.


Global Garage lets you choose from a huge catalogue of cabinets that will be custom-fit to your unique needs. Part of this customization process lets you custom-color-code your cabinets. This is one of the best ways to streamline your garage organization plan. With color-coded cabinets, you get a convenient dashboard-style display of the entire contents of your garage, giving you an organizational overview at a glance! Never worry about where your tools are kept again so that you shave time off of your home improvement projects and repair jobs.

If you would like to learn more about the custom cabinetry storage solutions that Global Garage franchisees offer to home owners, then contact us today at 1-800-793-7898 for your free quote.


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