Why Global Garage Flooring Franchise Services are in Demand

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Global Garage flooring franchises have been outperforming other concrete flooring franchises for years, but why is this, exactly? There are a considerable number of concrete epoxy franchises and garage storage-solving companies out there, after all, so what makes Global Garage so special? Read on to learn how Global Garage Flooring stays in demand in an increasingly competitive industry!

Global Garage is a full-service suite.

Global Garage offers a wide range of garage solutions, which means you can attract business from a wide range of people. Some people need to reclaim their garage space from an invasive pile of debris and seasonal decorations. Others need to do something about their filthy concrete floors, or to repair the flaking mess left over by a sub-par concrete epoxy franchise. Sometimes, you just want to buy more toys, and need some creative storage solutions. In all of these cases, the customer would call you. A proven provider of high-quality cabinetry with exclusive access to industry-leading polyaspartic floor coatings, Global Garage is the American homeowner’s versatile garage authority.

Global Garage customizes almost everything!

Most people are so used to sub-par service that they think factory-standard options are also an industry standard. Factory-standard materials and cabinets rarely fit perfectly into place in the home, costing the homeowner valuable floor space and storage potential with every wasted inch. Why settle for factory standards when you can opt instead for custom solutions? Our powder coated wood cabinets are all custom-fitted to your unique storage needs to make the most of your space, and every garage storage plan we make is unique because you are too!

Homeowners need to keep their concrete slab safe

Keeping your concrete in good condition should rank pretty highly on your overall list of home maintenance responsibilities. Cracked concrete foundations can seriously threaten the structural integrity of your home, a threat that becomes more likely the more the cracks expose your foundation to further damage. Even seemingly minor wear can quickly add up, with water, salt, engine oils, and other corrosive contaminants pooling in chips and pores and eating away at it from the inside. Before long, you are left with a dirty, unsafe, and unstable surface that is not fit for your weekend projects, or the demands of your car maintenance regimen.

Many homeowners move into their first property and encounter a barren concrete floor in the garage. This usually comes as a result of the previous owners’ attempt to save money in the short term, knowing that they would be selling the property off at some point eventually. When a solution is needed, your Global Garage franchise gets the call. As an exclusive provider of a patented polyaspartic blend, you are able to offer unparalleled protection, durability, and concrete adhesion in a single day installation. With your storied services available in any weather, you will be the number one choice for homeowners looking to keep their concrete slab safe!

Global Garage balances commercial and residential clientele.

Our full-service garage flooring, storage, and organization suite has the kinds of American-made products and experience that keeps both commercial and residential garage owners happy. Our exclusive polyaspartic formula is specially-made to protect against oil, gasoline, brake fluid, skydrol, and any other chemicals it might encounter in the private or public sphere. Our extensive line of metallic, chip, quartz, and solid finishes accommodates every taste from man-cave to municipal building, and our professional inlays can be used to brand your business or accent your personal space. Whether we are helping warehouses, hangars, restaurants, or homes, our patented polyaspartic coatings get the job done. Since your services stay in demand from two separate markets, Global Garage concrete flooring franchise owners can keep their schedule as busy as they’d like it!

To learn more about why you should choose Global Garage instead of another concrete epoxy franchise, visit http://globalgarageflooring.com today!

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