Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Over the years, the Global Garage flooring team has received thousands of calls from customers looking to have a polyaspartic floor coating lain over their current concrete floor. These requests have come from a diverse client base with different garage ideas in mind, from artists looking for a stain and slip-resistant floor for their garage gallery, to rugged contractors and mechanics who want to bring their workshops home with them.

Truthfully, we likely get as many different reasons from customers as to why they chose our patented polyaspartic coatings as we get requests. Many people come to us for because our patented polyaspartic formula produces a floor coating result that outperforms polyurethane and epoxy coatings with its chemical and abrasion-resistance. Some people seek us out after reading reviews from previous clients boasting about the longevity, UV-resistance, and good-as-new appearance of their floors years later. Others give us a call because they want the job done as fast as it is efficient.

Recently, though, the Global Garage team has been getting attention because of the growing value people are placing on seamless floors. Every Global Garage customer ends their installation day with a sealed and seamless floor, and people are starting to catch on to why this is such a good thing. Read on to learn 3 reasons why seamless garage floors make sense and suit any garage idea!

Seamless floors are easy to clean and tough to soil.

Our flawless polyaspartic floor coatings leave little room for dirt to gather. Porous concrete will grip grime, salt, and stains, and turn your best mop and broom into a fraying mess. In contrast, polyaspartic floor coatings are smooth and sealed. This means that spills pool on top of a sealed, easy-to-clean coating rather than sinking in, and dirt is always vulnerable to a simple sweep-up. Since you don’t have anywhere for dirt to disappear into, you can sweep fast and freely without worrying above steering away from seams.

Seamless floors also mean thatharsh cleaning chemicals will be unable to pool in these tiny spaces between tiles. When this happens, the caustic cleaning compounds concentrate their corrosive power and put your floors at risk. Global Garage’s floors have no seams so that this is never an issue, and the chemical-resistance of the patented polyaspartic floor coating formula is enough to stand up to some of the worst cleaners on the market.

The ease of cleaning provided by Global Garage’s seamless floors makes them the perfect choice for any garage idea you might have in mind. Spilled beer from the Monday Night Football games you host or splattering oil from your home filter change are no problem with a seamless polyaspartic floor coating in place!

Seamless floor are safe.

Coarse concrete floors or those with noticeable seams pose a constant tripping hazard. Who hasn’t caught the tread of their boot or the tip of their toe in a seam while walking? You may have staggered rather than slipped outright, but in some garages even a single misstep can be a big problem. Whether you are storing precious belongings or sharp and dangerous tools, seamless floors allow you to completely eliminate the risk of damages dealt or suffered from an accidental fall.


Seamless floors are stylish.


With Global Garage’s stains, inlays, and chip or quartz designs, home owners have the option of using their garage floor coating as another feature of their home’s overall aesthetic. Consider the difference between a beautiful painting that is painted on one seamless canvas in contrast to the same painting stitched together on many small canvas squares. Global Garage floor coatings let you enjoy the former without any distracting seams that pull the eye from the overall design.


If you would like to learn more about Global Garage’s seamless single-day polyaspartic floor coating installation, contact us now at 1-800-793-7898!


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