Why Settle for Stock Storage Options? 2 Reasons to Go Custom with Global Garage

custom garage cabinet solutions

With countless reality TV shows, magazines, and online articles centered on home improvement in recent years, it is clear that home improvement is on the minds of many Americans. This term is a bit abstract, though; home improvement is about much more than hanging sheetrock, mowing the lawn, and slapping on a new paint job. For most Americans, the desire for home improvement refers to practical steps that can be taken to make the home more functional. What better way to improve the functionality of your home than by increasing the storage and organization options that you have at your disposal?

Big-brand companies like Wal-Mart have taken note of the rising demand for home storage solutions, and have expanded their storage sections accordingly in hopes of drawing in more customers. Though big-box stores like this offer extensive lines of storage hooks, hangars, and other gadgetry at low prices, the utility of stock storage options only goes so far.

The Global Garage Flooring and Design team would like to ask you one simple question – why would you settle for stock storage options? Read on to learn 2 reasons why custom-built storage solutions outperform the mass-produced alternatives!


Make the most of your space.


Global Garage’s custom garage cabinet plans do not leave any room for error, which means you can make the most of your space! Buying stock cabinetry from Wal-Mart or other big-box stores eats up valuable corner, floor, and overhead space with imperfect fits, since none of the cabinets you are buying were built with your unique space in mind. The shape and size of garages fluctuates wildly, and so effective storage solutions need to be built with their unique space in mind. Don’t surrender another square-inch!

Our custom cabinetry solutions make the most of your garage space, giving you the best storage set-up possible. We use rail-mounted installation to maximize the durability and longevity of your cabinetry, but this approach also gives you the ability to exploit vertical storage space. Our custom plans also incorporate the use of slat walls to further milk vertical space for all it’s worth, allowing you to hang everything from wheelbarrows to small-item storage baskets overhead.

Another way that custom cabinetry saves you space (and money) is by eliminating material wastage. By tailoring your garage cabinet plans to your precise needs, you eliminate the common problem big-box store shoppers face when they overbuy, and end up cluttering up their garage space with unused counter and cabinet additions. This mistake is costly to your wallet, your garage storage space, and to the environment.


Chase down your wildest design dreams with Global Garage cabinet plans.


Global Garage is proud to offer all-American customized cabinetry systems of the highest quality. When you call 1-800-793-7898, you recruit an expert garage consultant who will work with you to design the perfect storage solutions and help you refine your garage cabinet ideas. Our expert consultants have access to premium materials, and by drawing upon years of experience and high-level training, can tailor them to match your unique tastes. Choose from a range of color finishes and wood varieties, and select standing or rail-mounted installation options for the perfect fit.

Being happy with the look and feel of your garage is important whether you are hosting a gathering at your man-cave, or simply looking to boost workshop productivity by keeping a positive and excited state of mind. Consider the difference between a custom-built and personalized style, and a mismatched wall of store-bought cabinets hammered into place. Not only will your custom design help your organizational efforts out by being built around your storage needs, but its unique and personalized aesthetic will wow your guests and keep you happy!

When you consider the design, cost-saving, and space-expanding benefits of customized cabinetry, big-box purchases quickly lose their appeal. Visit http://globalgarageflooring.com/garage-cabinets to check out the different materials and options available to you, or call 1-800-793-7898 for a free quote!


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