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Boys Being Boys in Seattle, WA

We found these two causing trouble last week in Seattle, WA.  Global Garage Flooring & Design CEO, Lance Jensen, dropped in on his little brother Kris and surprised him with a new Polyaspartic garage floor!  The Jensen boys worked together to make the magic happen, transforming the vintage garage in only one day.  They chose […]

3 Reasons a Storage Franchise is Always in Demand

garage storage franchise

Though the Global Garage brand is known primarily for its durable concrete floor coatings, we are also a storage franchise. We have helped homeowners across America build the perfect storage system to accommodate their unique tastes and day-to-day needs.

Why Global Garage Gives Your Business Momentum Out of the Gates

out of gates

Most start-up businesses fail. This is a slap in the face to many prospective start-ups who are looking to escape the maze of 9-to-5 work that they’ve gotten caught up in. This isn’t meant to discourage anybody thinking about leaving their current positions in hopes of chasing down their dreams. In fact, it is more […]

Help Homeowners Reclaim their Space with Global Garage

homeonwners reclaims

Why is so much attention given to bathroom and kitchen remodeling these days? Since meals and basic hygiene are a must, these areas become vital for a well-functioning home, but it is the garage where all of the fun is had!

The 9 Steps of Successful Franchise Research

The 9 Steps of Successful Franchise Research I talk to a lot of people who know that they want to go into business for themselves.  They know that they want a franchise but, they don’t know which one.  So how do you go about researching a franchise to find out which one is right for […]